Construction Development

New Construction

Site selection to final product, Swoboda Hospitality Specialists builds successful hotels and motels. Greg Meinhold, designated broker, is a licensed general contractor and hotel real estate expert. His leadership and focus enable us to build top quality projects in a timely and cost effective manner.

We use a team oriented approach for everything including site selection, property entitlements, architectural design and building permit approvals, feasibility studies, appraisals, franchise selection and both construction and permanent financing approval.

Our process starts well before construction begins. We pre-sell the project to a hotel operator and franchise partner to avoid costly stagnant periods.

We prevent costly errors and reduce the interest carry during and construction period. This method saves time, money and the headache commonly associated to hotel construction. The result is a viable property, serving viable markets, by delivering a ready-to-operate property to the owner.

Renovation, Remodelling & Repositioning

In an environment of saturation, evolving market demands, and aging property hotel and motel owners must combat dwindling or disappearing profit margins.

Although repositioning can save a hotel or motel, the industry is rife with uninspired renovation projects masquerading as repositioning projects. Sometime arbitrary upward or downward reflagging is done. The outcome is often inconsequential, or worse yet, a catalyst to a hotel or motel's deteriorating position.

Repositioning a property is analogous to any commercial product or service. To skip steps like market research, cost analysis, branding or customer service is a short-cut to failure.

At Swoboda, we take the role of point man, utilizing our depth of experience to lead repositioning projects through the development of a comprehensive plan. Our 3rd party perspective and access to industry specialists and consultants put us in the optimal position to conduct a comprehensive repositioning of hotel and motel properties. This ensures that properties are updated from both a cosmetic as well as functional and operational standpoint.

To learn more about hotel or motel renovations, remodelling and repositioning projects contact us online or call us at 602-468-3548.

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